Check it out!

We went to the title company, signed a bunch of papers (I think there were only three sheets of paper that were actually different; the rest were an infinite number of copies), and in only 45 minutes we went from being renters to being owners with a couple hundred grand of debt.

The settlement agent gave us sparkly keys on sparkly goldtone keychains, and I shook them around to make them jingle. We also got moving announcements (which were fairly ugly so we'll have some others printed) and coupons for all sorts of things we'll never need (like a discount on fencing... when we already will have a fence). After closing, we rushed back to the apartment and changed and then started cramming stuff into the Focus for our first night at the house. The trunk is much larger than it looks. Then we stopped at our development's sales office and picked up our mailbox keys before heading home (home!) to unload. Jason called his parents to let them know we were official, and then we went back to the apartment to get the cats, our futon mattress (which was an amazing feat, getting it down the stairs and into the car), and whatever else we could stuff in. And, once back at the house and unloaded, we played Rock Paper Scissors to decide who would go get dinner and who would stay home and unpack. Jason lost, so he went out and picked up Chili's To Go and some Krispy Kreme donuts. And then we watched Dodgeball and crashed uncharacteristically early.