Happy Anniversary to my wonderful husband

In case you were wondering what happened with my PowerBook power adapter - Jason was working at home that day and I had class that night, so getting a new adapter involved picking Jason up at home (my boss was out of town, so my paycheck was a few days late and all my autopays drafted in quick succession and left me temporarily broke and a mere $4 short of being able to buy the adapter myself - definitely a situation to bolster the case for some sort of joint checking), driving to CompUSA to get the adapter, dropping Jason off at home, and driving back to work. And then my dear college pal Eunice, who happens to live in Austin and work for Apple, swooshed in and ordered me a new, free adapter and it arrived the next day. And the CompUSA adpater is sitting in the back seat foot well of the Focus waiting for this weekend when we have more than one spare minute to drive down and return it and get Jason his $80 back.

Jason and I have both had the weird feeling that we're merely visiting somewhere, what with having no furniture and living out of suitcases (well, at least for socks and underwear; everything else is slowly getting hung up or still in the dresser at the apartment). Jason only gets the sensation when he's in the shower; he's never lived in a place with a shower stall, so to him it feels like a really fancy hotel. But I just stand still on the staircase or in the kitchen or in front of a window and it's still hard to believe the house is really ours. [Okay, technically it's only 20 percent ours and 80 percent National City Mortgage's, but we're working on that.] But we're slowly settling in, as much as one can settle into empty rooms, and making it our own. There's food in the pantry, sorted laundry in the basement (although it's on the floor since we don't have laundry baskets yet), toiletries on the bathroom counter... I think the cats are even calming down now that the familiar smells are taking the place of paint and wood stain and varnish smells. Now if Boo would just stop getting lost and crying in the middle of the night, we'd be swell.

We did our first load of laundry last night. We actually read the manuals (well, "skimmed" is a better word) for the washer and dryer as we did it, and then we stood in front of the washer and watched the little display change icons to show the different parts of the cycle - the water-level sensing and the fabric-type sensing and the EcoWash or whatever they call it. When you turn the washer on, it makes a cute tinkling noise and has a smiley face that blinks at you until you tell it what to do. And the top-loading dryer really is handy, what with not having to bend and not accidentally dropping things on the floor and all. When you turn it on it locks the lid and then revs up like a plane engine, and a gate inside closes so the drum is a complete circle. We were down there for a good 20 minutes playing with our new "toys."

Jason managed to snag a kick-ass deal on our cable, so we're getting Comcast's highest-level package for $30 a month for a year, all for being former DirecTV customers. And our wireless internet is supahfast. Well, Jason says it is. He went down to plug in the wireless router in the basement, where everything terminates, and grabbed the wrong AC adapter for it. So the wrong voltage fried it and while all the tech ports in every room work, I'm too lazy to dig out an ethernet cable and plug myself in. Instead I'm mooching off the open (and also fast) network of one of our neighbors.