About - today

It's hard to believe that Jason and I were married nine months ago. It's already been nine months, and it's only been nine months. Time passes so quickly, and yet it feels like it's been forever.

In any event, Jason's dad graciously let me copy about 13 gigs of photos off his hard drive. Buried in there were many of my husband in various stages of development. I figure the only way to really celebrate our not-quite-anniversary is to embarrass him by posting a few. Love ya, hon!

Only a couple more hours before Jason and I are officially on vacation. We're going to the O.C., our usual Christmas hangout of late, and my desired ports of call while we're there are as follows:

- The Westy house, for caroling

- scrapbooking stores


Melissa gets in Wednesday evening; busy theatre-type person that she is, she couldn't get a ton of time off. Next year, after she moves to the Big Apple, she might not have any time off at all. Which only means one thing - we're spending next Christmas in New York.