Christmas Eve

Well, it's Christmas Eve, day 7 of our vacation, and I just checked off the last of my holiday must-dos - caroling with the Westy family. "Westy" is actually short for Westenhofer (If you were at our wedding, you'd remember Peter, the eldest Westy , giving his best man speech that used words related to the letters B-E-S-T-M-A-N to describe why Jason was actually the best man). After caroling, we went to In-N-Out Burger and socialized over baskets of fries and beef patties. Good times.

Jason and I have both been sick over the course of this week. I was first, and I fought through it with my immune system's standard resilience (thanks, Mom!). Jason most likely got it from me, and he's still fighting off the vestiges of a hacking cough. Meanwhile, his dad seems to be coming down with the same cold-like symptoms that plagued us. By tomorrow morning, we'll all be handing each other tissues and cough drops instead of presents.

We love visiting Jason's parents, but each trip to Orange County reminds us why we love living in Colorado. The traffic here is "different" at best and many times it's downright frightening - I could never be an agressive enough driver to survive. Getting our usual meal at Red Robin cost about four dollars more than normal. And the week of Christmas, while everyone else around the country has been digging our from heavy snow and putting their heaters to good use, we've been wearing shorts, repeatedly washing the handful of short-sleeved shirts we brought, and working on our tans without even trying. The first couple days were great; we could sit outside in the grass and read a book, and have the doors open to let a breeze blow through. By mid-week, we were missing our coats and sweaters just a tad.

So Happy Christmas to everyone! To our kitties, who we miss terribly - we'll see you soon! To my family back in Texas - I love you! To all my friends out in the ether - enjoy a beautiful and joy-filled holiday. :)